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The second page of the server allows you to select the query you wish to perform on your data. Here is a screenshot with explanation of each part.

Follow steps A - B for whole genome analysis.

Step A: Select the reference genome; genome rearrangement in all other genomes will be shown in reference to this genome.

Step B: Click on "Submit Query" to proceed.

Follow steps C - E for comparing one chromosome with another.

Step C: Select the reference genome and chromosome.

Step D: Select the target genome and a chromosome.

Step E: Click on "Submit Query" to proceed.

Follow steps F - H for finding synteny around a marker.

Step F: Select a genome.

Step G: Enter the symbol of a gene/marker on that genome. For pre-loaded data, use the official symbol. For your own data, enter the same symbol as used in the data files.

Step H: Click on "Submit Query" to proceed.

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