Uploading your own data

You may create a project and upload your own data on the server to work with the different tools available. All the project information and the data files are retained for 7 days after last use of the project. So, after creating a project once, you may revisit the server at a later data and run queries on the server simply be entering the project-id

Here are the steps for creating a project:

  • Prepare the files according to the data format required
  • Go to the create project page, choose a project-id which is easy to remember and upload the files
  • Creation of the project will be confirmed on successful upload of all the files.

Here are the steps for running your project:

  • On the server, go the bottom half of the page which says Work with your own data. Do the following and proceed.
    • Enter the project-id
    • Enter the taxIds of the genome you want to work with (separated by space)
  • Click Start button.
  • In the following page, you have three different queries.
  • Choose of the queries and proceed.
  • The next page shows you the output of your query.
  • You may modify the parameters and update your result.

Having uploaded your data, here are the list of analysis which you may use on you data.