Pre-loaded Data

Here are the steps for making queries with pre-loaded data:

  • Select the data source you wish to use by clicking on the corresponding tab. The details of the data sources are given below.
  • On the server, select the genomes you want to work with by checking the box next to each genome. (You may choose two or more genomes).
  • Click Start button.
  • In the following page, you have three different queries.
  • Choose one of the queries and proceed.
  • The next page shows you the output of your query.
  • You may modify the parameters and update your result.

Here is the list of tools on the server which you may use.

Pre-loaded data sources

The data of orthologs (or sequence tags) may be obtained from multiple sources; the difference stems from the procedure followed to obtain the orthologs. Cinteny makes available data from the following sources. A user may upload his own data or request us to upload other standard databases.


HomoloGene is part of the NCBI Entrez suite, "it is a system for automated detection of homologs among the annotated genes of several completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes".

The build procedure may be found here: HomoloGene build procedure


"Roundup Orthology Database is a large-scale database of orthology covering over 250 publicly available genomes".

The build procedure may be found here: Roundup Orthology Database


Human, mouse and rat conserved sequence tags used by Pavel Pevzner's group. For details visit Human-mouse-rat alignments page

Bacteria - RoundUp

Bacterial orthologs from the RoundUp database.